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Our Model

Trellis Christian Academy partners professional teachers with families in the Treasure Valley to equip minds, nurture hearts, and prepare disciples of Jesus that have a biblical worldview.


Trellis Christian Academy is a certified University-Model® Schools International, (UMSI) academy and fully accredited by Cognia (Advanced Ed). It combines the positive aspects of home-schooling with the positive aspects of traditional schooling, accomplished in a way that gives parents more time for imparting the faith and values they hold precious.  


UMSI uses a university-style schedule adapted to the elementary and junior high levels. Professional teachers instructing in their areas of expertise, conduct classroom central teaching. Students attend these classes Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  On Wednesday and Friday students do satellite learning at home, where parents continue their instruction and supervision based on teacher-provided lesson plans.

This hybrid model brings together the best attributes of the classroom with the benefits of one-on-one parent engagement and guidance at home.  


Through this partnership, parents and teachers seek to raise up well-educated disciples of Christ for the next generation. 

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